Relative path to a property

I’m sure I’ve seen the question before on the forums, but it’s Monday ( and a holiday!) and my brief search can’t find it.

What I want to know is how do (or can) I reference a property without starting at {Root Container}.

I have a basic control (numeric label) that I want to turn into a template. I have a number of dynamic properties on this control that reference each other. I don’t want to have to give a full path for them because the path will break if I place them at a different level, or in a different container or etc.

You have to reference it that way. However, if your bindings link to properties on that component, like dynamic properties, when you copy and paste the component the links stay with the new component. We did that so you can make a template and use it over and over again.

Thanks Travis. I finely found this thread which says the same thing. ie don’t worry it just works.

It just seems a bit counter intuitive when your mind is still on holiday mode.