Relative path to component into components bibndings

For property expression binding on component, a relative path to component (like for tag) will be very practical or a path to the current component.

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I know this is old, but is there a good answer to this problem? I have a template with about 30 text boxes, and each has an identical expression with a multiple condition if statement. This means I have to reference the component like 3+ times in the expression. And then copy the expression to the other 29+ components, and each has to be modified to correct the component path.

A relative path to a components values would save me hours… Or at least a way to set a variable at the beginning and then use the variable in the expression. A variable would only require one modification to each component.

Any ideas? Maybe a project script could take it’s place?

Any reason custom properties can’t be used? Or group them, with custom properties on the group?

Well, cutting and pasting treats all self-referential bindings as relative. So, delete the other 29 components and paste the first 29 times. This is also true if cutting and pasting multiple components – bindings between them are treated as relative.

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