Relaying IA Java application with another WebServer


I have a situation where a client wants to use a business webserver (Server 1) to relay the inductive automation java project application (Server 2). There are several reasons for this 1) IT being inflexible with their network firewall/router 2) separations of controls network from business (internet) network. I believe it can be done as webservers are always relaying data from other webservers.

I’ve suggested the client install a new nic card and deploy the application to the business network on that Nic card. However, I think there is a WorkGroup/Domain security problems at that point.

I think using OPC UA to send data over both networks would work, but we don’t want to duplicate the data and historical applications.

Does anybody have any suggestions on solving this network architecture for Inductive Automation being relayed via a business webserver?


I forgot that I can run the projects in applet mode. I guess I can copy that url and see if it’s accessible from the Business Webserver on port 8088 and put a link to it (i.e. localhost:8088/main/web/applet/c … _Tab_North).

Anyways, any further suggestions are welcomed.


You can also view the page source, and copy out the applet code. Check this out: … let-option