Release date for 7.3?

A question for Ignition developers: Is there a public target release date for 7.3? Will modules written for 7.2.8 require substantial changes? I’m mostly interested in NodeMapDriver, and the TagProvider interface, two areas which you’ve suggested would change.

A preliminary change list for drivers:

[ul]Driver interface has changed - signature of #initialize and #buildNode.

OPC-UA related classes are now in a different package and jar file. You will need to add ia-opcua.jar as a dependency when compiling drivers.

Drivers can add and remove Nodes to the address space using NodeManager and NodeBuilderFactory, which are now passed in during initialization. When shutdown() is called, drivers should remove any Nodes that were added.

Nodes should be created using the NodeBuilder objects provided by NodeBuilderFactory.

DriverAPI.Version has changed to 3 to reflect these changes.

The Address class no longer exists. All addresses are now simply strings.

Will try and get a 7.3 SDK up soon…

Thanks for the information.

We’re pegging the release date at Oct. 10th (a week later than mentioned elsewhere on the forum), and plan to send out an email to module developers by monday with details. We will have the SDK updated, and will update the Programmer’s Guide with a section on changes between the versions. We don’t anticipate that module developers will need to do too much work to accomodate the new changes (perhaps a risky thing for me to say :slight_smile: ).


Good to hear. Thanks.