Release of new version 1.3 of RMSCADA module from PRAMANJ Technologies


We are glad to announce the release of RMSCADA version 1.3 which integrates directly with Ignition using jython libraries of PubNub SDK which is developed by us! See the video for a brief demo of RMSCADA module.

The demo version (fully functional) can be downloaded from with sample project in Ignition 8 as well as Ignition 7.9.10. RMS module allows you the following:

1.Monitor any ignition parameters (atomic) in a dashboard under an HTML5 device , including mobile phones , over Internet using PubNub API’s
2.Monitor tag values with alarms in a tabular form on a remote HTML5 device.
3. It can be integrated with older versions of Ignition as it works on scripting.
4. It very light weight and fast and easy to install.
5. PubNub allows many innovative solutions like geo-location tracking, streaming analytics using Azure etc. See a lot of tutorials and webinars under their resources section on their web site.
6 We can also help you in implementing any custom solution that you can think of using PubNub and Ignition.

Please download and evaluate RMSCADA from github, The evaluation version is fully functional, you have to buy license only when you realize the return on investment. The License terms and price of RMSCADA can be seen on the BUY page of

Please feel free to give your comments or ask any questions/doubts/difficulties that you may have.

Best Regards
PRAMANJ Technologies

Hi All,

We have added a tutorial for RM-SCADA which is split in two parts (Part 1 & 2). This explains the step by step procedure for creating the RMS Dash boards for a sample project.

Please give your comments, suggestions, clarifications and questions. we will request you to download and evaluate the RM SCADA module and try it on your customer projects for existing Ignition projects.

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PRAMANJ Technologies

It is observed that Ignition 8 gateway server needs to be restarted after copying the pubnub jar file “pubnub-gson-4.22.0-beta-all.jar” in ignition’s lib\core\gateway folder e.g. “C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\lib\core\gateway”, given in step 3 of the github page Instructions are modified in step 8 of the above page.

Without restart, pubnub libraries are not visible to the Scripts for the RMS module and it gives error in wrapper file in Ignition 8. However RMS module worked fine in Ignition 7.9.10 without having to restart the gateway server, after copying the jar file in the Ignition library folder given above. In case this behavior is noticed in any version of Ignition, please try to restart the Ignition gateway server.

(Please suggest if there is any other way of copying external jar file in Ignition to avoid restarting Ignition server for the copied libraries to be visible to scripts.)


Package your external jars into a module using the SDK. That’s what the module architecture is for.

But this module will do nothing except import some of the functions from the jar, as the jar is required only by scripts. So I was just trying to avoid the overhead of building such an empty module in gateway scope and having to maintain different version of it for different versions of Ignition and ensuing steps of signing and licensing etc. If I could only simply make the jars visible to the jython gateway scripts some how.

I will certainly try the module approach as well.


Geo location tracking feature using Google Maps has been added in RMS module now. The git hub repository has been modified with new files and new instructions. Please see a demo at link

Please feel free to evaluate it and ask for any questions and clarifications.

PRAMANJ Technologies.


We have extended the RMSCADA module to connect your own HTML pages to Ignition gateway server thru PubNub cloud services. Now you can communicate directly with Ignition gateway server remotely using an HTML page. Its similar to RWS module but instead of webDev it uses PubNub to communicate with Ignition server. This can be useful for building your own HTML UI interface to Ignition remotely.

It can also be used to read/write data between a remote IoT or Edge device and Ignition gateway thru PubNub cloud. Please see an introductory video.

Please evaluate the module and feel free to ask any clarifications.

The RM-SCADA is available on Exchange Portal as well now for download.