Reliable Controls

Has anyone used Ignition with any of Reliable Controls PLC’s? I currently have a BACnet network of these controllers connected to a MACH-ProCom. The ProCom is connected to the internet has an assigned IP address, which is how we access and control the PLC’s.

I was wondering if there is an easy way(without any re-networking) to tap into that network with Ignition and be able to control the PLC’s. We are thinking of using Ignition for more of our networks, but I would like to test it before we do any network changes.

Coming back to answer this, I used a Babel Buster BB2-7010-01 to map the BACnet/IP points to Modbus TCP to bring them in Ignition. This left the current BACnet system as it was and added the ability to read and write those points from Ignition.