Reload resources for updated modules during development

Is there any other way to reload a module’s resources (like property files or html pages) than restarting the gateway service?

I am playing with the SDK, trying to create a new driver. It actually took me some hours to figure out that the resources used by a module are not reloaded when the module is posted to the gateway in development mode (Markup of type ‘html’ for component… not found). It seems that even a restart using the GCU is not enough, i had to restart the gateway service itself (Ignition 7.3 on Windows). I use the trial and error approach :blush: while familiarizing with new software and the restart slows things down a little bit.

It would make thinks a bit easier if there was a way to disable the resource cache or reload the resources when the module itself is restarted.
I already tried switching the wicket system to development mode (Dwicket.configuration=development), but this seems to have no effect.

To answer my question:

The following code in the constructor of any wicket panel will clear the wicket cache and force a reload of changed html files.


Make sure to remove this line in the final version!

If this should not work as expected there might be other issues that prevent classes from being unloaded. For driver modules this is the case in API Version up to 7.4.1 at least.