Reloading Configuration Changes on Backup Non-Active Gateway

Hello All,

I have created an SNMP driver module that loads its tag configuration from a CSV file under its respective driver folder. This allows the flexibility to add new SNMP tags to the driver and all I have to do to reload these changes is “edit” the device that implements this driver.

My problem is that when I try to do this on the backup gateway configuration page, I am not allowed to edit the device because that gateway is not the master.

The only way I have found to get this device to reload is to manually re-sync the master gateway to the backup gateway.
Is there a way to cause the device in question to reload the configuration changes on the backup gateway?

The gateway that the module is installed on is version 7.7.5.


The easiest way to make this happen would be if you stored the configuration as a field on your settings record - it would automatically get synced to the backup when it was changed on the master.


That would indeed solve my problem; however, since this configuration file is not a set number of rows, I’m not sure how I could appropriately represent that data in a field on the device configuration page.

Is there a way to load a CSV file into the settings record?

Also, if I could put the data on the settings record, when it gets re-synced, would the device on the backup automatically refresh, in other words, does it run the driver constructor again on the backup gateway?


Hi Brandon. I do exactly as Kevin suggested with the XML configuration for my Ethernet/IP driver. I chose a binary blob column type and I gzip the XML. Updating the driver settings record does indeed reload the driver. In a recent change, I moved that field to a separate persistent settings record to avoid the automatic reload (I wanted to handle the reload with custom code).

Thank you for the information. I will take this into consideration as I continue to maintain and develop this driver.

This was going to be my suggestion as well.