Remote Access Control and Monitoring

Hello guys,
I have a project that I am working on at the moment. It’s for the monitoring and control of a metering station in various customer sites from the main Client’s control site.
The client wants to be able to allocate a metered volume of gas to be dispensed to each customer according to the amount paid for as against the current set up which is coming to the customer location, read the value in the analog turbine flow meter and then invoice the customer at the end of the month. This postpaid setup has been problematic in getting money back from customer once they have used the product.
Also, the client has to send operators to all the over hundred customer sites long distance away to collate the readout from the analogue meters.
they want an ignition SCADA solution whereby the client can monitor the status of all the customers’ meter and be able to shut off supply once the prepaid amount has exhausted.

What ignition architecture and solution in terms of software and hardwares can I implement here? This must have to be over wireless because of the distance involved.


I would use MQTT modules from Cirrus-Link, which can be downloaded from the Inductive Automation website along with Ignition. The MQTT protocol has low latency qualities and could be sent with cellular based hardware. This will give an idea

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