Remote access for Perspective session on a mobile device

I'm looking to provide a solution that allows a client to view their Perspective application from their phone while not on the gateway's network. Has anyone had luck with specific routers/VPNs/other solutions they wouldn't mind sharing?


Any VPN should work as it puts your device on the gateway network. I've specifically used Perspective on an iPhone with AnyConnect.

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As @witman said, any VPN should work. I've got clients using regular VPN clients like OpenVPN, Wireguard, and one even using TailScale. I've also got clients with a Perspective application publically exposed, but I've put it behind a reverse proxy which helps protect the session by both being the "landing point" where end devices connect along with requiring a specific domain name to connect externally (just trying to connect to via the external IP gets dropped to help prevent port scanners from finding it), and having TLS/SSL encryption on the reverse proxy.

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