Remote access to MySQL

I want to administer MySQL on my database server from a remote PC (across the room in this case, but later somewhere across the known universe).

Using MySQL Administrator on the server, I can give a ‘user’ schema privileges to each individual database. I can then use MySQL Admin or SQLyog on the remote PC to connect to the database as that ‘user’ and can add/modify/etc tables in each database from the remote PC. That’s useful.

However, I cannot create a new database because I would need to connect as ‘root’, and cannot. I think that I read on MySQL site that this is a feature, but I would nontheless like to be able to do it.

Is there a way?

Slight correction. From the remote PC, ‘user’ can access the database server using SQLyog but not MySQL Admin.

I think that’s just basic user admin stuff, shouldn’t be too hard. I did a quick search and found this page that explains more or less what my first thought was:

I’ve always had a heck of a time getting permissions stuff to work right in MySQL Admin, and doing it through the command-line/SQL has always been easiest. If you go to that page you’ll see he just give root permissions from any machine (all permissions are specified per ip address, but you can use a wildcard ‘%’ to allow any address) and then he removes the bind address restriction (which may or may not be something you need to do- granting permissions for all addresses might be enough)


Perfect. Thanks.