Remote Agent Upgrade - failed successfully?

I'm testing the remote agent upgrade through the EAM and both the controller and agent are showing success but the version hasn't actually changed.

The controller is on 8.1.26 and the agent is on 8.1.27 and I'm trying to go to 8.1.32

I uploaded the correct upgrade file (linux .zip) and it appears the upgrade goes fine... but it doesn't.

The only odd thing is the agent log doesn't actually show a successful upgrade, just a successful upgrade file save.

Controller log:

Agent log:

I couldn't find any documentation on why this might be happening.

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You may still have to visit Config > Enterprise Administration > Remote Upgrades to complete the upgrade process - as it is a two-step process to upload the .zip, and then upgrade. Here is our Remote Upgrade documentation: Remote Upgrade - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.

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That's what the problem was, thank you!