Remote Alarm Journal Event Store and Forward

Hi All,

Had a bit of a question come up on a remote alarm journal use case. We are in the process of evaluating a pair of redundant Ignition Gateways (8.0.16) that are used for data collection and alarm event reporting for two buildings (4 Gateways total). In this architecture, a single database exists to log data from both sites, with a single alarm journal configured (at the main building) and a remote alarm journal connection to this alarm journal configured at the Ignition Gateways in the “other” building.

We have been testing a loss of internet connection at the “other” building, and the ability for the store and forward to store alarm events and forward them to the alarm journal. Particularly, a failover alarm that indicates which gateway is in the master position.

We are observing that when the internet is lost at the “other” building, alarm events are not being stored and forwarded to the remote alarm journal located at the main building. As I understood it, as of 8.0.16 alarm events can be sent through the store and forward. I understand this is a setting on the alarm journal, but this is not available on the alarm journal.

I plan on following up with tech support to get more information about remote alarm journals and how they function in a store and forward situation, but wanted to post this here to see if anyone in the community has run into this type of scenario before. Thanks in advance for any replies!