Remote Alarm Journal: How can I keep track of alarm events while disconnected?

I’m trying to set up a cloud-based data monitoring system on Ignition 8.0.17 Perspective that’s very tolerant to internet loss. I have two gateways connected over the Gateway Network, one that’s “local” and one that’s hosted in the cloud alongside the database. The local gateway has access to the PLC I need to monitor, and the cloud gateway has the visualization of the application. I want the application on the cloud to be functional (albeit with stale data) in the event of an internet outage at the local site. When internet connection is restored, I want all of the process data and alarm events to be pushed up to the cloud, filling in the time it was down for.

As such, some things are hosted on one gateway and remotely pointed to by the other, as summarized below:

Local Gateway Cloud Gateway
Standard Tag Provider Remote Tag Provider
Remote History Provider Datasource History Provider
Remote Alarm Journal Database Alarm Journal

This all works perfectly when the gateway network is connected. However, when I disconnect the local gateway from the internet, change tag values and alarm statuses on the local gateway, and reconnect it, I seem to only get the tag history update and not the alarm journal update.

Is there a way to get the remote alarm journal to track alarm events and update the cloud gateway when internet connection is restored (like the remote history provider does)?

Note: I’ve been able to get that type of functionality for the alarm journal by using a database alarm journal configured on the local gateway but pointed to the cloud database, but configuring it as a remote alarm journal lets me leave the database private to the cloud gateway, which is preferable for security reasons.