Remote Alarms Source or Display Path

When you have multiple local gateways generating alarms and they utilize a remote gateway’s alarm notification, the DisplayPath or Source does not get modified to identify which site the alarm is from. Is this by design?

If all the local gateways have the identical project and use “default” as the tag provider name, when an alarm is triggered, the resulting Display Path or Source made available to the central gateway is unmodified. Here is an example:

Site1 has a tag [default]TestFolder/TestTagWithAlarm
Site2 has a tag [default]TestFolder/TestTagWithAlarm

The AlarmStatusTable component at each site will show prov:default:/tag:TestFolder/TestTagWithAlarm as expected.

However, the AlarmStatusTable at the central site shows a modified source path that distinctly identify both tags as prov:Site1:/tag:TestFolder/TestTagWithAlarm and prov:Site2:/tag:TestFolder/TestTagWithAlarm, but the Alarm Notification Pipeline on the central server receives prov:default:/tag:TestFolder/TestTagWithAlarm. This makes it impossible for logic in the pipeline to differentiate between the two tags.

Note: I understand that the reason the provider changes from default to SiteX is because we create remote real-time tag providers with the name of each site. But I would expect the source path of an alarm to get modified when it arrives at the central gateway.

Anyone else running into this issue? How did you resolve it? I am currently appending the site name to the display path at the tags alarm configuration, but wanted to know if there is a better way.