Remote alerting features

Based on some issues with WIN911 by other users and upcoming hurdles for myself I’m putting some features out for consideration.

[li]1. Voice alerting. Eliminating the need for Win-911 would be a great selling point. TAPI modems would be the best starting point for what I need. JTAPI should be pretty platform independent. SIP capability might be an option too.[/li]
[li]2. Alerting groups with conditional escalation. Say I might want to alert local technicians if an alarm is triggered, but if the alarm is triggered X times during a 24 hour period it automatically gets dispatched to a regional technician.[/li]
[li]3. Scheduled notifications of alarm states. I may have two shifts and only want to notify the personnel on duty of alarms.[/li][/ul]

Don’t worry, we’re already quite aware of the need for these features. An alerting-revamp is on the schedule that should cover all of these, and will probably happen sometime next year.

Using Exele TopView, you can do this through OPC (requires using Kepware or similar OPCDA-OPCUA layter) or SQL (ODBC/OLEDB connections to Ignition tables). TopView has complete notificaiton features including voice (audible locally, remotely, and callout), alarm frequency notificaiton, escalation, schedules (of both alarm conditions and recipients) plus much more.

We have added some details of integrating TopView SQL to Ignition. … /index.htm

Definitely hackish, but there’s Python Bindings for Google Voice available … although there’s some dissatisfaction with the receiving SMS implementation. I also found an Unofficial Java API for Google Voice … perhaps I’ll tinker with a module during my downtime, (assuming I have any!).