Remote connection to MS SQL

DB Connection Not Available message appears when I start my group.

under Data Connection settings
connection Type:DNS connection
DSN: I have tried the ip and the name
Translator: automatic

when I press Test Connection
I get a Test Successful .

Under System Status
Error[28000] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server driver][SQL Server]login failed for user’[null]’. Reason: Not associated wiht a trusted SQL Server connection.

I have verified my user-name and password.

Any idea what I’m missing?

This reply pertains to FactorySQL. If you are going to use a DSN connection then you have to configure a DSN data source. You do this in the ODBC Data Source Administrator, System DSN tab. I am not sure of your needs but this is what I am using.

Connection Type: SQL Server
Translator: Automatic
Host: (use ip or computer name of SQL server)
Port: 1433
Database: Name of database in MS SQL
User Name and password that matches the user role within MS SQL.

Another possibility is that the users role memberships are not properly defined within MS SQL.

Good Luck,