Remote connection to s7-1200

hello all.

I’m building a scada architecture with a S7-1200 with communication processor CP 1242-7 and remote ignition (in another continent). Could i connect directly to ignition or do i need to install the telecontrol server basic of siemens?

thanks in advance for reply

In theory as long as the PLC has access to the internet or more importantly the internet has access to the PLC you can talk to it.

You might need to set up some port forwarding rules in your firewall to allow access from the internet to the plc but it’s possible. Make sure what ever you do it’s secure. If you know your remote IP for example that hosts ignition you can only let that one use the port forward rule.

I’m not sure what port ignition uses to talk to the plc but normally Siemens use 102 for the PLC’s which I think differs from the HMI’s from memory.

Are the external IP’s fixed? If that changes things will stop working. Could you set up a VPN connection ?

Another option which is probably easier is Ignition edge. That will give you some store and forward storage also.

If your looking at just collecting the DATA, then you might want to consider using “Cirrus Link” MQTT.

But if your looking at making a connection to do remote programming then a VPN will be needed.

Thank you for the the replies .I’ll look at the MQTT and if it doesn’t work i’ll try soe port forwarding which i think is easier to configure