Remote Connection with MYSQL

I have two PC each one have Ignition and MYSQL DB. As per attached(1) Diagram .
1- when i try to define MYSQL(1) in Ignition(2) it give me fault jdbc:mysql://
and same when i defined MYSQL(2) in ignition (1) jdbc:mysql://
I don’t know .Is there any trick to do this inside MYSQL??.I still new in DB.Please advise and give me steps to do this.

Actually i have one project with 30 remote sites and i need to collect data from these site. And my plan to install Ignition (Vision)+OPCUA+SQL Module+ opc-com in each site and we will use store-forward Engine to save the data if the connection failed between each site and Main computer(Hub And Spoke … ubandspoke)
. as per attached(2) Layout.

If I understand your post: you can connect to the local MySQL database, but the remote connection fails?

Check the ‘my.cfg’ file for the following options:

bind-address =
# skip-networking

You need to make sure that ‘bind-address’ is set to or it will deny all other connections, also ‘skip-networking’ must be either deleted or commented out or it will not start listening on any TCP/IP interfaces.

yes, I can connect to Mysql Locally through Ignition. But remotely from Ignition to otheR Mysql which already installed on other computer .it gave me fault. where i can find my.cnf
Sorry i just start.Thanks Gerg

You can find it sometimes by running the following command:locate my.cnfMake sure the bind address is correct and the firewall is not blocking port 3306.

i found the file My.ini in C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\my.ini
also, from Workbench >>Server administration>> Configuration (attached)
where i can write the command?.
i will delete my SQL connect. then can you inform me the correct steps to configure DB connection in both computer
1st pc IP ,2nd Pc
:blush: thanks


This happen also when the user (set up in the database connexion on the gateway) is not allowed to connect remotely.
To correct this, you must connect to the remote mysql workbench and set the user right.
Hope this help.

I would second what gnguyen says - in my experience it is most likely to be MySQL blocking access from another host. You could try connecting to machine 1 from machine 2 using MySQL Workbench - this sometimes gives more obvious error messages.