Remote Gateway no longer appearing in gateway network

I have an Ignition Edge gateway connected to the central Ignition gateway.The Edge gateway represents a Modular process Skid.On the central Ignition Gateway under Status>Connections>Gateway Network
the Skid was showing under “Connections” with a status of Running and under “Remote Gateways” with a status of “Connected”.
The skid was then shipped to another country and will only reach after one week.I would have expected the Skid to still show on my Gateway Network but with a status of faulted under “Connections” and with a status of Disconnected under “Remote Gateways”.
However, I don’t see the Skid under “Connections” and “Remote Gateways” on the gateway network.It seems to have been completely wiped out of the gateway.I don’t even see the tags and alarms i configured for the skid anywhere in the ignition designer of the central ignition gateway.Is this Normal behaviour? I am wondering if the skid will reappear on my gateway network as soon as the connection is restored when it reaches the other country and would it still have all the tags with the alarms i configured on them or will i have to reconfigure everything over again?