Remote Gateway Showing When Proxy is Turned Off

I am seeing remote gateway show up on on a gateway even though I have the Gateway Network Proxy setting unchecked. Is there a setting somewhere I am missing to stop communication through a gateway in the middle?

here is a diagram. arrows show gateway nework connections and direction.

@Jonathan, what version of Ignition are your gateways running?

EAM - 8.1.1
dPerspective - 8.1.1
dTags - 8.1.1
dSQLBridge - 7.9.13
pSQLBridge - 7.9.13

@Jonathan, I’ve mocked up a Docker Compose solution to model the gateway outlay you’ve defined. Once I’ve disabled the Allow Proxying checkbox on eam, dperspective, dsqlbridge, and psqlbridge gateways:

… I only show the three remote gateways I expect to see based on your diagram in the Gateway Status page for Gateway Network (image below is from dtags gateway):

When I do enable Allow Proxying temporarily on the eam gateway, I do see the remote psqlbridge from dtags gateway (proxying through eam); however, re-disabling it causes that connection to be broken again as expected (stays in the list though from that point).

How do you know the connection is broken if the Status says “Connected”? Also the whole reason this was brought to my attention was when trying to add a remote tag provider there were all these servers in the list that said they were connected, during the select tag provider step, when they should not be.

If the reason they are in the list is because at one point the proxy setting got checked, is there a way to clear that list out now that the proxy setting not checked?

Just for clarification, the psqlbridge was in my list but did show NotConnected once I disabled proxy on eam… So I’ve not been able to recreate the situation where proxy is disabled but the connection passes through. See the quick snapshot below for a better, clearer illustration of what I described:

I followed your video and enabled the proxy on the EAM controller. Which all our gateway connect to. The status page of the EAM controller then filled with connections to all our gateways. I then went and turned the proxy setting of our EAM controller to false and all the non directly connected gateways changed to NotConnected including the ones that were showing connected before.

Toggling that setting must have gave those old connection a nudge to switch from showing Connected to NotConnected.