Remote Networking How To's?

I have a client that is looking to manufacture a machine that would require us to log local machine parameters. Our plan was to place a thin client on each machine and create a custom application to extract data from the PLC and populate some tables in Mysql in that local PC. Not a big deal, I’ve done this a hundred times. These machine will be used throughout North America.

The first challenge was to find a way to gain access to all these machines. The plan is to use a cellular connection to each PC. This way we don’t need to worry about IT, Firewalls…

The Server will be located at our customers facility. It will hold the full ignition package with server redundancy.


Since these machine will be connected to cellular towers using dynamic IP’s, whats the best way of creating a static IP to possibly hundreds of machines?

I would work through your IT department so that they can provide you secure connectivity and database support. I question the level of risk that you would likely create for both the security of your implementation and the database model based on your post.

To answer your question, dynamic DNS would allow you to contact each machine by URL even if their respective IP addresses change. Again, I’d get IT support for a holistic strategy for: remote access, database support, backups, the “thin client” model, and your security architecture in general.