Remote OPC Servers

Hopefully, I didn’t miss something more informative on this subject…

Can someone clarify the Remote OPC server setup information and the proper values the configuration panes are looking for?

For example: Remote Hosts vs Servers?

For the OPC Server Configuration, it is looking for the Host, Name and CLSID.

Where do I find this information?




First off:
Host: A computer on the network
Server: An OPC server on a Host.

Now, first I would try the following: right-click on Remote Servers, go to Remote Hosts and turn on “Auto enumerate remote hosts”. Now try expanding the hosts. You should see a list of servers on your network (you may need to click the “refresh opc servers” button up on the toolbar first).

If that works and you can find the machine you want, you should be able to browse it without any further config (in terms of this stuff, there might still be DCOM config to take care of).

If you don’t see the machine you want, you can right click and add a new remote host. The host name/address will be the name or ip address of the machine, and then you can put in a user name and password if you want, or try to connect without it.

In terms of manually adding a remote server, this is actually very rare. Instead, you usually always add a remote host, after which you’ll be able to browse the opc servers on that machine through the OPCEnum mechanism. You would only need to manually enter the CLSID of the server if you were trying to connect to a system that didn’t support OPCEnum, namely a WindowsCE hosted server.

Now, all that said, you’re going to have to deal with DCOM security, which is another can of worms. There are a few threads in the “knowledge base” forum that are useful, or if you just search google for “opc dcom security” you’ll surely find lots of info. I’ll end by saying that it’s not impossible to get the security set up right, but there’s a very good reason that so many vendors make “opc tunneling” applications…


Thanks for the information!