Remote OPC-UA


I’ve a local linux machine with Ignition (7.1.9/ubuntu 10.10) connected to a remote PLC in MBTCP (Ignition driver) and it is ok.
Another connection is via a remote OPC-UA Kepware server (V5.3/windows 2008 server).
While connecting with no security policy (none/none) it 's working perfectly.
Whike activating security and checked that settings in Ignition match the Kepware settings and include the Ignition Client Certificat in the Kepware OPC end, it is not working.
Enclosed the full message error com.inductiveautomation.xopc.common.UAException.
com.inductiveautomation.xopc.common.UAException.txt (1.86 KB)

There may have been some compatibility issues between Ignition 7.1.x and Kepware 5.3 when security is turned on if I remember correctly from the interop event earlier this year. I’ll test it here and confirm…