Remote Servers

Is there a way to stop FactorySQL from refreshing the list of remote servers? I want to remove all of the servers that I am not interested in.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to remove the remote servers. When you expand that node, FactorySQL first performs a windows networking lookup to gather available machines (note: as it goes in windows networking, it’s a toss up as to how long this will take and what will show up), and then looks for servers that you have manually added. Is there some particular issue you’re trying to avoid, or do you just want to pare down the list?


I would just like to pare down the list. We have a lot of pcs on this network and it makes it harder to search the list.

I’ve made a note of this. I believe in the next update release you will be able to turn off automatic server enumeration, so that only the servers you’ve configured will show up.