Remote SQLTag

For large architectures with multiples Gateway or hypervision scope,
I would like to be able to use sort of “Remote SQLTag” in a Vision Project.
In my mind, “Remote SQL Tag” are tags which would’nt be hosted by the Gateway of the project but by another Ignition Gateway.
In fact the purpose would be to be able to use SqlTag from a Gateway in projects hosted by other gateway.

I know we can use external Tag provider to share Tag beetween Gateway, but UDT is not supported for external tag provider,
and it’s less flexible.

Something like this?

SqlTag exposed with OPC to other Gateway is a very interesting solution in some case.
Have you an 7.6 compatible version of your module to make a try ?

Nevertheless, with this way you need to configure SqlTag twice, on time in the GW provider and one time in the GW consumer.
For sharing few Tags it can be OK.

What I’m looking for, for an Hypervision architecture, is to have the same application on lots of client which have acces to several GW server which host a part of the plant.
(client retargetting is not enough)

Some products like Wonderware System Platform or WinCC Open Architecture have these features,
with lots of other defects… :imp:

Ignition is amazing for many topics and features :stuck_out_tongue: , but need some improvements, in my mind, for distributed architectures.

Database driving provider with support of UDT would be very usefull
or a possibility to acces SqlTag “available on the GW network” from all the GW or the Ignition Client.
Perhaps, this means multi-GW projects ?

Ill post it up to the module marketplace this week sometime. Ill post back here when it is done.