Remote SSL access using just one TCP port

We set up a rule in the firewall to redirect external port 8043 to port 8043 on the VM where Ignition resides. Web access to https://:8043 works fine.
But, when we try to open a designer instance from there, it throws a connection error. Looking into the jnlp, it looks like it’s also trying to connect to <public_IP>:8088. If we set up a temporary rule to forward external port 8088 to port 8088 on the VM, it works fine, but that is something we cannot maintain, because we’re not allowed to open non-secure ports to the Internet.
This looks like a very bad design, that the standard port (8088) is hardcoded in the jnlp.

Is there any way to connect a remote designer using just a single TCP port redirection through a firewall?


No, though this has been reported to be fixed in the upcoming Ignition v8.0.

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