Remote Tag Mapping

We have a multi-gateway architecture in which there is a “central” Gateway concentrating data and projects from remote (Plant) Gateways.
We’ve setup the Gateway Network and remote tag providers from each remote Gateway,
The Central Gateway runs basically the same projects as the remote Gateways, except the projects are pointed (via properties) to the remote tags.
This works fine for Vision and Perspective UIs, but we also have tag change scripts which log data to databases, and we need the “Central” Gateway to log its own data to its own database.
The remote (Plant) Gatways have these tag change scripts, but they are triggered by the tags from “default” tag path.
So, instead of having to re-write the tag change scripts and point them to remote tags in order to make them work for the “Central” Gateway, we are wondering if there is an easier way to kind of “map” the remote tags to the equivalent local tags.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think in Ignition previous versions there was a way to assign (map?) the remote tags to a local tag folder or provider.
I’ll appreciate your suggestion.