Remote Tag Provider - Alarm Actions

I have 2 ignition gateways set up an Office gateway and a Remote gateway. The office gateway has a remote tag provider set up to use tags from the remote gateway. Is there any way to have the alarm actions on the office gateway for the remote tags?

Example: I want all alarm settings to be managed at the Remote gateway, so all setpoints will be managed there. Then on the Office gateway I’d like to create alarm actions that would execute and distribute reports from the Office gateway. When I try to set up basic alarm actions now they only occur on the Remote gateway, not the office gateway.

I know that you can use the alarm pipelines of other gateways when they are connected via the gateway network for notifications, but I wan’t sure how to generate and send a report from the office gateway when an alarm goes active on the remote gateway.

I happened to find a solution that will work for me. Using the Gateway Event Scripts, I can create “Tag Change” scripts in the main gateway to look at values in the Remote gateway and then write a script to “ExecuteAndDistribute” a report when the Remote Tag’s AlertActive field is True.