Remote Tag Provider Alarms from Ignition Edge

I am using Ignition 7.9.7 on 1x Edge Gateway and 1x Main Gateway.

I would like to trigger an alarm from the Edge Gateway on one of its own tags (the Remote Tag Provider) and handle the alarm in the Main Gateway Alarm Notification Pipeline.

However, since the Alarm originates from an Edge Gateway, there is no ‘Notification’ section in the tag alarm configuration where the Main Gateway Alarm pipeline would be referenced.

It looks as though the only way to work-around what I would like to do is to re-create local tags on the main gateway for the alarm points in question. Has anyone else used any other workarounds? Am I missing something obvious? Thank you!


Talked to tech support today. The recommended solution is to create derived tags that reference the Edge Remote Provider, in the Main Gateway, to use Alarm Pipelines with Edge Remote Provided Tags.

This seems like a MAJOR limitation of Edge. Considering Edge Gateway is advertised as an aggregator and provider of tags to the main Gateway. What is the point of having a remote tag provider in a Full Gateway if you are limited to Edge features in that Gateway?