Remote tag provider and redundant front-end gateway

I have redundant front-end gateway with remote tag providers. The tag providers have a outgoing connection to master front-end gateway.
When the clients is connected to backup front-end the tags is not updating, and when I chech status for gateway network on the backup front-end it is not connected to the remote tag providers.

Do I have to set up a outgoing connection from the remote tag providers to the backup front-end also?

Cant find configuration for this in manual.

Stian Larsen

Hello Stian,

In this scenario it sounds like you still need to create an outgoing connection from the tag gateway to the front-end backup. It is the same process as creating an outgoing connection to the Master (but with a different Host).

Alternatively, you can swap the direction of the GAN connection. If the connection is outgoing from the Front-End Master > to the Remote Tag Provider Gateway: it will work on failover as you expect.

Thank you for your feedback. I assumed that was the way it had to be done. Remote tag providers were installed before we installed backup front-end GW.

Would you recommend that I change direction on GNC, or is it ok to have it as is?

I would recommend keeping the same direction and adding the backup host as a connection.