Remote Tag Provider Deadbanding

I am planning a hub and spoke setup with a central gateway with remote tag providers from a few edge gateways at different locations. The edge gateways will be on a cellular connection so need to be using minimum bandwidth. Just wondering if there is any options for deadbanding or update rates of remote tag providers on an Ignition Gateway network?

Hello Benjamin,

In cases where minimal bandwidth is the primary concern, you may want to look into using MQTT to transfer tag data. MQTT Transmission is included as part of the Edge IIoT plugin. Are there any specific reasons you may need to use the Gateway Network that MQTT doesn’t handle?

Hey avaughn,

Thanks for the reply. We essentially want to use a store and forward edge gateway as a replacement for an RTU that is currently using DNP3. However the MQTT modules are all quite expensive and wouldn’t be a cost effective replacement for the RTU.