Remote tag provider disconnected

We have 4 gw where 1 have remote tag provider the other 3. Now and then we looses connection to the remote providers. Mainly two of them where the connection is shaky.

When this happens we get grayed out overlays for those tags in our applications.
If we then look into the status page all looks good 7/7 gateways are connected.
But, if we then look into the status page for the gateway network it looks like this.

The overall connection says not connected but the master and backup is connected.

To make the connection work again we have to go into configure page and reset the connection to the master.

Is this a matter of configuration or is it something in the system that fails when the connection drops and connects several times?

All input is appreciated

We are having this issue as well. We have tracked it down so far to the expression tags that are linked to remote tags failing. We receive a quality status of either “Eval_Error” or “Stale”. It seems to depend on the type of expression running in the background. We are able to get the tags to read again by resetting the gateway network incoming connection. The other option is to enter each tag, then click “OK” and the tag begins evaluating again. I don’t know if there is anything we can do to retrigger the “OK” function but that, or resetting the incoming connection seems to fix it.