Remote tag provider - Editing of remote tags not allowed


I’m trialling distributed gateways and have connected two gateways together via the Gateway Network configuration. I’ve added a remote tag provider from one gateway to the other and can browse its tags, however I’m unable to edit these or add new tags.
I left the tag editing roles section of the remote tag provider properties blank.

How can I resolve this?

Also, how is security handled between gateways? What happens if gateways both use the default Ignition internal user database and have different users defined?

Thanks in advance


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You will want to take a look at the Security Zones/Service Security section in the online user manual:

By default, remote tag providers can only read tags. You can change this behavior on the source gateway on the Service Security page in the Tag Access section. Security between gateways is controlled by using security zones. You can define a can’t-do-anything default zone, and another zone that allows access/modification if a remote gateway meets the zone criteria.


I’ve configured several gateway networks and I still have a hard time getting this right. The answer is here though.

Can you be a little more specific, I don't understand.
One which gateway should change the security zone?
The security zone on edge gateway or on main gateway?