Remote tag provider issue with GAN

Hello All,

I am experiencing a weird behavior with remote tag providers.
Basically the remote tag provider does not get any of the tag over the gateway network.
The gateway network shows up and running:

while on the system tags is shows ‘isAvailable’ to false.

The only solution is to reset the connection and everything starts working again.

I am getting the same error, outgoing connection is from an 8.1.2 gateway, connecting to an 8.1.0 gateway.
Only solution is to reset connection and there doesn’t seem to be a way to automate it via scripting.

Did anyone get a solution on this? We seem to see this same behavior between several of our gateways. A remote tag provider connection will say they are up and running but the tags values will not update. Only solution has been to resave the remote tag provider settings.

I have also been seeing this fairly regularly since updating to 8.17 or so with no idea how to prevent it or automatically recover.. We are on 8.25 now and it happens every week. We have around 85 remote gateways but it happens more often in about 15 of those gateways.