Remote Tag Provider not responding - but remote gateway is connected

Title sums it up - I have a large central gateway with 4 remote gateways who all provide tags to the central one via remote tag providers. The troubled remote gateway is 100% connected, I can access it’s webpage and open the designer but on the central gateway it reports the remote tag provider is not connected and in the client all the tags have red and grey connection error overlays.

Also, on the remote gateway when this tag provider issue occurs it says the remote historical tag provider is not accepting data and is in error on the tags status page.

This issue seems to be intermittent, and when it resolves itself all historical data backfills and everything works normally for several hours, then repeats.

It’s started showing a new error, not sure if it helps:

com.inductiveautomation.gateway.tags.history.util.SampleSetProto$SampleSetPB cannot be cast to com.inductiveautomation.gateway.tags.history.util.SampleSetProto$SampleSetPB

Any help would be appreciated.

In ‘status’ page under ‘Historical Providers’ it shows a historical provider that does not exist on the gateway as ‘ERROR’ then the correct one below that also in ‘ERROR’ - in the popup it says "The remote service has reported that it will not accept storage requests to ‘the-name-of-my-datasource-history-provider-on-remote-gateway’

It almost seems like there is another history provider fighting with the correct one. Is there a file or something that caches deleted history providers I can delete?

Have you already set the service security (on the gateway with the DB connection) to 'Allow Storage?

Yes, the central gateway with the DB connection is working correctly with the other 3 remote gateways which all have the same settings.

You may need to get in contact with support so they can take a look at your system live and see what’s going on.

In my case says that is not connectión but i have connection…

Remote gateway
Status of connection