Remote tag providers vs MQTT

When you like to exhange data between Ignition servers (10k - 100k tags)…
Why should one choose ‘MQTT’ over ‘remote tags providers’?
Is this based on how many tags? Or how solid the network is? or???

Everyone that I speak to is really into this MQTT thing.
But since ‘remote tag providers’ are a basic Ignition thing one should think that this should be best.

All input welcome.

If your only requirement is sharing tags between two servers, I would use remote tag providers.

MQTT is fantastic for ingesting data from many different sources, but, because it’s not an Ignition specific technology, doesn’t have all the “bells and whistles” of an Ignition <-> Ignition connection - such as remote tags being seamlessly edited from the local designer.

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I think this is part of the equation too. MQTT is great for bringing in data from the “Edge”, when bandwidth is a concern.


Guess Ignition Edge doesn’t support EAM module and cannot serve as a remote tag provider!

Neither of those things are true.

There are Edge licenses that can have the EAM module, and the EAM module in general is not required for GAN connections.

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the info. It is clear now that we should use remote tag providers.

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