Remote Tags and Redundancy

Hello, we are currently running a single ignition gateway and would like to expand our system.

There are two things we want to gain:

  1. An additional gateway to serve our “field” users. I’m thinking we could setup the new gateway as an agent and use the office gateway (controller) to keep the projects synchronized. The agent would also use a remote tag provider linked to the controller.

  2. Redundancy. If the office gateway (controller) goes down, we want clients from the controller to fail over to the redundant server. Also, we want the agent gateway (for field users) to continue to function normally.

My main question: If the controller gateway does down, will the remote tag provider on the agent fail over to the backup gateway?

I have attached an image to help illustrate.


I’m guessing that you mean that the central server is accessing tags from the field server, so the remote provider would actually be going the other way. But that aside, and even as you have it drawn, yes, it should continue to work.

All of the services on the gateway network address a gateway name. Redundant pairs always have the same name, and then the gateway network layer automatically routes to the gateway that is active. If the master goes down, the traffic will route to the backup, and the remote tag subscription will be re-established.

PS. Thanks for the diagram, it makes it much easier to understand!


That’s great news! Thanks for the help!