Remote tags history provider storage faulted error

Hi All
I have 2 gateways - on gateway A there is history tag provider (type "DB table historian") with connection to the sql_lite database and on the server B there is remote tag provider pointing to the history tag provider on the server A.

I am stuck on this problem as i checked service security and history provider access for default zone is set to query and storage.

Any other ideas to check? what else needs to be configured?

First, a word of caution. This isn't a great Idea if you intend to use the system for any decent period of time. Sql_lite is intended for very light duty and if you build up the data very much, eventually you'll choke your gateway. If you need a free database you can use PostgresSQL or Maria DB.

I assume that you have Server B connected to Server A over the GAN, is that connection good?

You're kind of mixing terminology here, do you mean that you have a Remote History Provider on server B, to Server A?


i am aware if sql lite limits

gan connection is good, yes remote provider pointing at server a. Any ideas?

Is history provider storage faulted on server A?

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on server A history provider and database connection is all ok. On server B i get fault about storage which dissapears when i make remote tag provider read only

That does make it sound like a permissions issue on server A is preventing storage by server B Your first post suggests you have the bases covered. If you'd like to share screenshots of security zone, service security, and remote history provider settings, maybe we'll see something. Alternatively, you could contact support to have a look.

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