Remote Tags

I’m trying to setup a Hub and Spoke architecture where, from the Hub I can view the Tags configured at the Spoke. Ignition is installed at both the Hub (Central Site) and the Spoke (Remote Site). At the spoke I have a number of connected Devices (PLCs) and I’ve created a number of OPC Tags from these devices. I’ve also created a number of Query Tags and Expression Tags. I would like to see these Tags at the Hub. Is there any way I can do this easily?

This is what I’ve tried so far:
At the Hub I’ve setup an OPC-UA connection to ignition at the Spoke. Using this I can see the connected devices at the Spoke, but I cannot see the Tags that have been configured in Ignition. I could Export all the tags at the spoke and import them into the Hub. This would replicate the OPC Tags, and expression tags, but to get the Query Tags working I need to make additional Database Connections.

Is there a way to just view the Tags at the Spoke directly?


In the spoke configuration, go to OPC-UA → Settings
– Check on “Expose Tag Providers”, then save.

In the hub, you can now see the spoke,s tags through the OPC Browser

Thanks Jordan.