Remote User Management


Is it possible to edit users on an Edge panel that I am connected to from my remote Ignition gateway? We are going to have machines with Edge panels all over the Eastern United States. We would like the managers to be able to log into our remote Ignition gateway and make changes to the users on whichever machine they choose rather than having to remote desktop into each individual Edge panel. Trying to make this user friendly.

If not possible with the user management component, Is this possible maybe with some python scripting or using an SQL table?

I’m no expert on this but are they all connected to the same user source, I.e same database that contains all the users?

If that is the case any machine will be able to connect and add / edit users.

They are not currently connected to the same user source, but the gateways are connected. Not sure how to connect user sources, but they are all pushing data to the same SQL database.

If they all point back to the same database. In the gateway -> user, roles you can select the database that will be used to store the credentials. Then when any machine adds or edits users it updates the master list.

You might want to set a fail over just Incase that gateway looses connection to the master DB for what ever reason.

How do you make a database connection in Edge? I don’t see that option under the configuration tab like you do with normal Ignition.

Ah, you’ve got me with that one. I’ve never played with edge so I’m unsure.

What options are there for users and roles ?

Edge deliberately excludes support for databases. Tag history beyond two weeks must be forwarded to a remote gateway.

I think there are 4 ways to do it: (I have not tried 2 or 3 so your mileage may very.)

  1. Have your managers log in to the webpage of each Edge GW and manage users there. (Probably not what you want, but is an option.)

  2. Use AD for it. You can use the advanced settings to return only a subset of the users to each Edge GW. Then just modify the users in AD. OR modify the whole set of users in a central project.

  3. By Scripting: Use send message or send request (system.util.sendRequest) to get users from the Edge GW and create your own page / component to edit it, then send the edited users back to the Edge GW.

  4. Use retargeting (system.util.retarget) to load a remote client for the Edge GW. And use a user admin component to modify users for that Edge GW. (But only one remote client for each Edge GW can be open at a time.)