Remote viewing of Ignition display


To clone the display of Ignition SCADA, may I know if it works with smart TV display?

Do we just need to key in the IP address of Ignition SCADA PC on the web browser of smart TV?

Thank you.

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I don’t know of any smart TV’s that are straight up compatible with ignition. They have to be able to run a java client. I’ve used $100 Intel Compute sticks plugged into any old regular HDMI TV in the past, they will also work with Smart TV’s.

Samsung smart TVs are not compatible with Java. At least that’s what their documentation says. Mines are not. LG claims to have Java capabilities but I never tried them.
I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian and IcedTea as Java engine and it’s working well with Ignition. It’s slower than a regular computer but I think it’s a very good option to run a client if you want to use a TV because of its large screen. It’s usually the case of an information panel with a fixed summary screen, or a limited number of them. I haven’t tried it as an operator station. I guess that the speed may be an issue and, at some point, the limited memory too.