Remote Web Access via Ignition Perspective App - Ignition Maker 8.0.14

Hi All,
I can get access to ignition via the App over my home wifi but not from my public ip address (ISP static IP). I have added port forwarding for 8088 to my router but the app is not connecting. Is there an additional step? Does it only work from a public IP address if I use SSL? Note - All security settings are currently still default.

You should be good. In your app, the gateway url should be http://public-ip:8088. Maybe you have a firewall on the server?

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I thought if it works on my wifi it should work via my ISP static IP with the port forwarding for 8088 on my router. I already tried with the firewall disabled. Maybe I should check with my ISP that port 8088 is not blocked by them?

On the gateway webserver. Check config - network - webserver. Make sure the settings are correct and not only local host or local ip

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I would love to be able to open my perspective apps from outside my local network. I checked my webserver settings, I have Auto Detect HTTP Address checked. I googled for my public IP address and I tried http://{public-ip}:8088 but no luck. Is there anything else that is needed besides checking firewall settings?