Remote Web Pages Not working

Sorry if this is a common beginner question, but I can’t get the web pages for Ignition to come up on any computer other than the server.

I just installed my first ignition (trial) and have configured the SQL and PLC using the web pages on the server. When I go to another PC, it never gets a reponse and times out on: or

However, I have IIS running on the server and it does pull up the IIS web page at:

I have a colleage who has a running Ignition system, and I can pull up his web pages fine (different network).

What am I missing? Firewall or something?

PS. If you open the Gateway Control Utility, it says the Web server is started, the gateway is running, the port is 8088, and the SSL Port is 8043.

Yeah, it is just a firewall issue. You need to open port 8088 and 8043 (TCP) on the machine Ignition is installed on.

So I did a web search and found out you do that on Windows Server 2008 R2 in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Choose Inbound Rules and use the New Rule wizard.