Remove a retired database from historical trend tag selector

I initially developed a project using SQLite as the datbase for historical tag data. I have since installed MS SQL Server and redirected all of my tags with historical trending enabled to this database. The SQLite database only contains some early commissioning data that is not of much value to me.
Currently I have the two database connections defined (MSSQLSERVER and Sample_SQLite_Database). I have not deleted the latter as there still seems to be an average of 0.1 queries per second on this target. I am not sure if this is related to the preinstalled samplequickstart project (Enabled =false now) or whether the gateway itself uses this database to stored its configuration and status.
I don’t have a problem with SQLite remaining installed but I do want to remove it from the Browse Tags pane of the historical trend PowerChart. Currently both my databases appear with a similar tag structure beneath each one as for a short time historical data was saved in SQLite prior to the migration to MS SQL Server.
Can anyone suggest how I can remove or suppress SQLite from showing in the Browse Tags pane as believe users of the application will be confused by the duplicate data repositories?

Simon Fry

Note: My application does not include any tags from the Sample_Tags tag provider.

Would like to keep the green and remove the orange.

If you don’t care about the history data in SQLite, then you could go in and drop the sqlth_* tables in SQLite.