Remove Barcode Padding

Hello there,

I am using Barcode Component in Ignition and would like to remove default padding coming to it. As you can see below


I am getting default padding which I checked is like below: {width: 155px; height: 91px; padding: 9.81px}

It’s coming like this. I would like to remove it or set it something like below: {width: 250; height: 91px; padding: 1.px}

How can I do this? Is there any way I could modify


Be aware that barcodes typically need 2-3 bars of whitespace on either side to be readable. The padding setting you show looks like it is computed to meet the barcode’s whitespace specification.

Yes but this is causing issues while scanning with Zebra scanner.

If I use same code from a website (like any barcode generator), it scans quickly. This is one does not scan unless operator bring Scanner way too closer

In case someone needs, I have managed to enlarge it a bit with following css:

}.barcode {  padding: 1.9px; width: 100%; height: 90px;}{