Remove Bindings with Find/Replace?

I have a project with a lot of bindings to a particular script, all of which I would like to remove. I managed to get the Find/Replace to select the entire expression by using wildcards, but I can’t find a way to globally change all of them to “No Binding”. I’ve tried replacing the expression with a “//” comment, but that generates an error. I could just double click on each line in it finds, then click the No Binding button, but there are thousands of these.

Any fancy way to handle this that doesn’t result in repetitive motion injury?

I know you posted this in 2015, but did you ever find a solution to this? I'm trying to remove bindings from multiple components. If it's not a feature in ignition, is it something that can be scripted?

Hope you have a good one.

You can shift +left click on the window and copy the json, edit the bindings in the json, then copy the modified json back. There is a new configuration explorer, ctrl+R, that shows scripts, transforms, and bindings. It would be cool if you could remove them from there but I don't think you can.

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I forgot to mention I'm working in with Vision.

I've been working in Perspective so much lately, that it's kinda hardcoded into my brain when reading questions, lol. You can still shift+right click and copy/replace/paste the XML in vision.

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You'll have to script this if you want something automatic. And scripting bindings, especially in Vision, is complicated. You're probably better off doing it manually. Search for posts from @pturmel about the interaction controller for details if you do go the scripting route.

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I'm eventually going to want to write a script, but will do it manually for now. Thank you very much for your help everyone!