Remove commas from SQL Table OR custom Property

I’m querying the ID of a large database I have.

The ID of the column is: 403,083
I need to use this value for further queries. I linked a custom property to pass it from window to window.

Unfortunately, the comma appears to be throwing things off.

From the TABLE itself, the table customer number property doesn’t appear to be having any impact. Attempting to toINT the custom property pulling the number isn’t having any change.

How can I remove the comma?

Possibly try the following,

I used this and I cannot seem to isolate a number format to eliminate commas.

try(numberFormat(toInt({Root}[{Root Container.sub.selectedRow}, “SubID”]), ‘####0.#’), “”)

I’ve tried this, and a few other options but nothing seems to work. Even not showing commas in a SQL QUERY would maybe work.

Can you provide some screenshots or more context on what you’re doing?

Commas in a custom property should be entirely for display; if the actual data type of the custom property is numeric it doesn’t have any commas in the underlying data.