Remove default page contstraints - Perspective

How do you remove the default page contraints in a perspective application.

Below is a couple screenshots of the issue it is causing. These specific styles limit the page so that it cannot grow vertically. Instead, any components inside the view are made to be scrollable

When the styles are removed manually, it works as intended. The sidebar effects the whole page instead of just the container highlighted.

I don't have this issue. How is your main container configured ?

I have my primary view as a flex container and within it is a flex repeater.

These are the primary view settings

The flex repeater seems to have a static height of the parent and will not grow vertically, causing the scroll bar to appear on the flex repeater because of it's inability to grow OR the parent's inability to let it's children expand the view.

What's the position part of the repeater's properties ?


Here are the position settings for the repeater

Try with shrink: 0 and basis: auto

edit: in case I misunderstood what you're trying to achieve:
shrink: 0 will prevent the repeater from shrinking, which means it will get it's full height. Its container (supposedly the root container here) will then expand and show scroll bars on the page.
shrink: 1 would allow it to shrink and thus be contained in its container, showing scroll bars on the repeater.

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Aha, that worked. That did not cross my mind at all...

Thank you for your help!