Remove Remote Access to Gateway Homepage


New to IA. Have searched forums etc but cannot see exactly what I need.

We have exposed a test gateway to the internet via port forwarding etc. This has allowed us to successfully test connecting with a mobile device - works great.

However, we note that the ignition gateway home page and status pages and also exposed to the internet.

Question - is there a way to remove the gateway home page, status page, and configuration log in pages from WAN access, whilst still allowing client connections.

Thanks in Advance.


The fastest way to remove public access to the Home and Status pages is to assign a Home Page Role and a Status Page role on the Gateway Settings page. That way, the pages cannot be seen unless you log in with a role that is authorized to view these pages. If you want absolutely no means to view these pages (even with a login prompt), you will have to configure a firewall to only let in requests to :/main/system/mobile?project=MyProject to access the project on a mobile device.


Have added the role restrictions and a really tough password for now.

Will do some work with the firewall when I get a chance.

(also picked up that we can add the project to open within the URL - good news).